Stitch Fix 61- March 2021 Part 2

Hello Darlings!!! I actually received this fix yesterday and tried on everything today so I am actually updating fast this time! It was suppose to arrive March 20th but arrived on March 22nd. Since last we spoke my clumsy self sprained my ankle and missed 2 days of work. This happen 2 weeks ago. This box’s theme was the stylish Kat Edison! Below when I took my clothing bundle out the box it was falling all over the place!

I decided I am going to send everything back this round. I can 100% see Kat wearing all these items especially the blazer! I’ll break down why I did not keep any items!

Kensie Marni Notched Collar Blazer– $88- I Really love the idea of blazers and own a few of them, but honestly I don’t really wear them all that much. Here in Louisiana we can have heat in winter. I couldn’t justify spending $88 bucks on something that would just sit in the closet.

Kaileigh Mary Tie Waist Long Sleeve Knit Top– $40- From the preview I thought I was going to like this top. Fast fwd to pulling it out my bundle. It has a rough feeling and the material seems like it would make me itch. The tie part is a drawstring. No thanks!

Market & Spruce Sarina Knit Dress– $64- Oh boy! So depending on the article of clothing I can dig stripes but this dress was a no. The elastic waistband was already turning in different directions, and as we all know I HATE WAISTBANDS LIKE THAT!

Boom Boom Jeans Maddie Utility Joggers– $38- This was a good price point for these joggers but after really thinking I couldn’t see this item as a price I would grab for a lot.

GoldRay Lowrey Knit Jumpsuit– $78- why oh why!? Sometimes I can dig a jumpsuit but this one the issue is THE WAISTBAND! and that clasp on the top of the suit to keep it close. oh and the price! I am not sure if the 1 jumpsuit I kept from a previous fix is still alive. Since the hurricane I swear I saw it and saved it but after a quick look in my closet I’m not so sure.

Kirsten did a fantastic job on my Kat Edison Box and like I said before I can see Kat wearing everything! This just wasn’t for me and that’s okay!

My final themed fix from the Bold Type will be my favorite character Sutton Brady-Hunter!

Any ideas on what kind of boxes I should request now that spring is finally here?! Drop your ideas in the comments below!

Until next time, Stay Classy and Chic!

Stitch Fix 60: March 2021- Part 1?

Hey darlings, I was suppose to receive this fix on Feb 27th but it didn’t ship till March 1st and I received March 4th. For this fix and the next 2 fixes I am focusing on the 3 leading ladies of the freeform show The Bold Type. They are currently filming their 5th and final season. I am so sad by this and they are only giving us 6 NEW EPS!!!! They should have at least given us 10 eps! My stylist is also a fan of the show so that’s just makes these themed boxes that much more special. I know some boxes back I did just an overall Bold Type themed fix not focusing on any characters. Just a combination box of all 3 leading ladies. This time around I am doing 1 character per box and I started with Ms. Jane Sloan a writer for Scarlett magazine. I have more in common with Jane out of any character on the show but prefer another leading lady. Let’s get into this!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screenshot_20210304-163721_stitch-fix.jpg

I want to start off by saying all these items are Jane Sloan (except 1 item which I will mention below), but not all these items were for me.

NINE BRITTON COLORBLOCK KNIT TOP– $42.00- This top was sooooooo soft, but I wasn’t a fan of the brown color and like I said in the previous post I don’t need another colorblock top right now. This is the one item that I COULD NOT see Jane wearing- RETURNED

DANIEL RAINN CALVINA BELL SLEEVE BLOUSE– $68.00- okay…. first off the price of Daniel Rainn items are so pricey. Second of all I said in a previous review that I DO NOT like bell sleeves. With it being a Jane box I can understand why she sent this- RETURNED

PAPERMOON LARIE TIE SLEEVE BLOUSE– $44.00- This top was a contender for being a kept item. It had a cute zipper accent in the back. I just loved another item a little more. RETURNED

NINE BRITTON ABIGAIL BRUSHED KNIT MIDI DRESS– $54.00- When I first saw this dress I was like I LOVE THIS PRINT!!!! It is a navy dress with flower print. The only issue with this dress is that it shows you what your mama gave you. In my case my boobs and booty. It puts it on display. I kept this dress because of the cut and print. Also I used my stitch fix gift card I received for Christmas. So I only paid around $36 bucks!- KEPT

BOOM BOOM JEANS DORIS TIE-WAIST WIDE LEG PANTS– $40.00- I received a pair of wide leg pants in my bold type themed box last year and loved them (I only wore them once though 😦 I need to change that, also the wide leg pants my stylist said they are more of Kat Edison) These were just a plain navy color and the fit on my waist I did not like at all!- RETURNED

My stylist did a great job with this Jane Sloan fix. My next fix is suppose to arrive March 20th, but like I stated my last 2 fixes were not on time. My next character themed Box will be the stylish Kat Edison.

I have a trunk club arriving between March 15-19 and I asked for spring wear. My last trunk was in December 2020 and I wasn’t too impressed. I did request some items and kept those.

Until then, Stay classy and Chic!

P.S. -We had an ice storm in Louisiana a few weeks back (very rare around here, last one was in 1997 when I was 10 years old almost 11), and the whole week I was sick with a stomach virus so I wasn’t able to go outside and enjoy the ice and snow. I had to take a whole week off from work.

Stitch Fix 59- Feb 2021

Hey Darlings, I am lacking on updates so today I will be blogging on 2 stitch fixes. This one and my next one came after the estimated delivery date and that’s okay. It was due at the end of Jan but shipped Feb 4th and I received Feb 8th. I don’t think this round I asked for anything specific. Let’s jump right into it.

Market & Spruce Active Remi Performance zip up– $58.00- This was a top contender but I ultimately went with another item. I loved the color and it was soft, but too pricey for me –RETURNED

STITCHES & STRIPES LILLIANNA SPECKLED LIGHTWEIGHT CARDIGAN- $58.00- I loved the color, but I already have so many cardigans that I didn’t see needing another right now –RETURNED

WEST KEI CASIYA TIE FRONT BLOUSE– $42.00- I really didn’t care for the print or the tie front –RETURNED

MPG SPORT PROSPER PERFORMANCE LEGGING– $48.00- I always love a good pair of leggins, and since I lost most of my active ones in the hurricane I decided to purchase one. The price point wasn’t bad for a stich fix product- KEPT

PINK CLOVER BAILEY COLORBLOCK RAGLAN SLEEVE KNIT TOP- $38.00- This top was soft but I already had a few colorblock tops and didn’t need another- RETURNED

Over all this was not a bad box, but I am trying to keep only 1 item per box to save on money. If I really like a 2nd item I will consider purchasing it as well. On to my next post!

Stitch Fix 58- January 2021

Hello my darlings! Here is my 1st box of the year. I received it yesterday (1/8/21)

Mix by 41 Hawthorn Corinna Brushed Dolman Knit Top (says market & spruce on the styling card and clothing tag) $40- This top is SOOOOOOOOOOOO SOFT!!!! and the stripes don’t make my eyes cross or get me dizzy! (KEPT)

Fortune+Ivy Cheyenne Brushed Hacci Knit Dress $44- At first I thought this dress looked like a night dress on. I actually liked it. But I liked other items in the box more. (RETURNED)

Market & Spruce Serra Cable Knit Cardigan $48- oh boy oh boy oh boy. I loved the cable knit but it had NO POCKETS!!! Big no no (RETURNED)

Market & Spruce Reviera Cable Knit Dolman Pullover $58- LOVED THE COLOR (AUTOMATIC KEPT)

Bobeau Bartie Hacci Ribbed Sleeve Knit Top $54- I liked this top and design but like I said before I liked other items more. (RETURNED)

This fix was close to being a 5/5 but than I saw the cardigan had NO POCKETS and I couldn’t justify only returning the cardigan. This was a great fix!

My next fix is suppose to be Feb 3rd (received this one 1/8/21) which is almost 4 weeks away which is very strange considering I get them every 2-3 weeks. I did add an extra to this upcoming fix.

Oh I forgot to mention I did order 3 tops from Style your look on the stitch fix app. I need to stop buying clothes LOL!

Until next time, Stay Classy and Chic!

Stitch Fix 57- December 2020 Part 2

Hey Darlings! I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and New Years! Turns out this fix was my last fix of the year. I forgot I had done a quick fix! I received this on 12/29/20 and my next fix shipped out today! It wasn’t suppose to arrive till next week. Stitch Fix is on a roll lately getting my fixes out to me FAST! Last fix was a terrible one so did Kirstin Redeem herself? Let’s find out!

Market & Spruce Alexis Vertical Rib Brushed Knit Hoodie $42- This hoodie was thin and not something I needed at the moment.- RETURNED

West Kei Mae Button Detail Blouse $42- I really didn’t like the print or sleeve design.- RETURNED

1822 Denim Berlin Girlfriend Jean $50- Ugh! so I gained some weight and these pants were kind of tight. I refuse to go up on size!- RETURNED

Daniel Rainn Lyna Crew Neck Pullover $68- LOVE LOVE LOVE this floral print. I knew when I saw this it would be a keeper!- KEPT

Market & Spruce Mely Single Cold Shoulder Knit Top $50- I was waiting for a cold shoulder winter top and was pleased to receive this one!- KEPT

I forgot to mention that I usually peek when I get the Your Fix is on the way email. I DID NOT peek this time around and was pleased with what I got!

Spoiler Alert- I did peek at my upcoming fix and I am not sure what to think!

I got a Nadine West in today and as usual nothing I really liked, but because of the styling fee I kept 2 items. I am planning to put a hold on Nadine for a few months.

My last trunk club that arrived on 12/22/20 was one of the best one’s I have gotten in a good while! I ended up keeping 3 items (a quilted jacket and 2 cardigans!) Next Trunk will be in March…Spring items!!!

I will be back very soon with another fix of course! Stay Classy and Chic!

Stitch Fix 56: December 2020-Last Fix of this terrible year!

Hey Darlings!!!! I just received this fix today and am blogging on time! I asked for a Lucy Hale Winter theme box. Did Kristin get it right?! Let’s dive right on in.

Market & Spruce Adalee Corduroy Skirt $54- I don’t wear skirts and especially Corduroy. I do own two corduroy pants but that’s it.

MIA Cailyn Booties $79.77- I don’t wear or like combat boots.

Les Serein Jasmine Crochet Detail Blouse $40- This blouse looks cheap and it’s not something I would wear.

French Grey Milly Knit Dress $54- My first thought was this dress is for an older woman. When I unfolded the dress it had the dreaded waistband that I hate on dresses! ELASTIC!

Daniel Rainn Narien Smocked Detailed Blouse Clip Dot $58- The print for me is a no no!

Unfortunately, I returned ALL THE ITEMS! When I peeked I seriously thought Kristin wasn’t able to style my fix this time. These are styles that I really don’t like. This is the FIRST time I didn’t try on any of the items.

I am about to check out and fingers crossed they offer a quick fix which I will accept!

I did order some extra’s and kept 1 thing.

I have a Trunk Club and Fashom on the way!

I received my Nadine West and I feel like I get crap every time. I kept a pair of earrings so I wouldn’t lose my $9.78 styling fee.

If I don’t update again before the new year I hope you all have a great and safe Christmas and a wonderful New year! REMEMBER WEAR YOUR MASK WHEN YOU GO OUT! It’s for your own safety and the safety of others!

Stay Classy and Chic my darlings! See you all in 2021!! (unless I add my Trunk Club and Fashom!)

Stitch Fix 55: November Part 2

Hey Darlings! As usual I am behind on updating. The Holiday Season has already started and Christmas is in 7 DAYS!!!!!!!! This is my birthday fix (Dec 13th). Let’s jump into it!

Vigos Wiley Faux Suede Jacket– $78- I am NOT a fan of suede jackets and the design wasn’t up to Par with my standards. RETURNED

Sam Edelman The Stiletto Coated Ankle Cut Hem Skinny– $118- The price of these pants were insane! I actually did debate if I was going to keep it. It wasn’t a bad pair of pants but the price and the fit were the two reasons I returned it.- RETURNED

Nakamol Arena Natural Stone Teardrop Earrings– $38- I originally wasn’t going to keep these but once I saw they were handmade and the profits were going to help people I decided to keep them.- KEEP

Fun2Fun Clayne Textured Chiffon Blouse– $40- I was a fan of this top BUT there were two other items that I liked better!- RETURNED

Kaileigh Demi 2fer Knit Dress– $54- I LOVED this dress when I peeked at what I was getting, and it didn’t disappoint!- KEEP

Overall this fix did not disappoint! She did a great job! On to my next fix!

Stitch Fix #54- November 2020 Part 1?

Hello Darlings, I haven’t had wifi since August 27th and so besides being lazy that’s another reason why I haven’t updated. They are suppose to come this friday but who knows! I also got a Trunk Club and Nadine west but I don’t really post those so much recently. Maybe when I get my home back I will update with different clothing boxes. I am thinking of requesting a fall fashom. Let’s jump into Kirsten’s picks! I asked for 2 dress options for our christmas work dinner next month and the others to be fall items.

Vince Camuto Antony Two Pocket Waffle Stitch Pullover– $88.00- When I peeked and saw this price I was like WHATTTTTTTTT?!!! The top is really soft and would go great with leggins but this price……..(RETURNED)

Wisp Ceena Jersey Dress– $74.00- UGH I love the colors and print of this dress BUT the price…Would I reach for this dress a lot? (UNDECIDED)

Hailey Charlotte Faux Wrap Knit Dress– $54.00- When I peeked I did NOT like the print. When I received it and tried it on I LOVED it! It’s basically very similar to the wrap dress I received last year as an option for my christmas party. (KEPT)

Fortune + Ivy Kaavia Button Detail Brushed Knit Top– $40.00- When I peeked I knew I would keep this…..Well when I received it that button detail yeah I don’t know how it goes. I’m like a shirt that gives me this much trouble is not worth keeping. It doesn’t lay flat like in the picture. (RETURNED)

Pink Clover Kalonice Button Cuff Sleeve Knit Top– $38.00- I like the color of this top and the sleeve cuff is button but other than that, it is a pretty plain top… I don’t know (UNDECIDED)

I just got this box yesterday so I am still deciding what I want to keep. If I can remember I will update next post what else I decided to keep.

I think I will go ahead and order a fall fashom. My next nadine should be in a couple weeks. My next Trunk Club is between Jan 1 and Jan 7, 2021.

Until another day, stay classy and Chic!

Stitch Fix #53- October 2020

Hello Darlings! As usual, I am updating late because I was busy and lazy (mostly Lazy LOL). We are still dealing with the after math of Hurricane Laura and Delta. We are finally beginning to see some sense of normalcy but it’s still ugh! I am hoping we can start rebuilding our home this month and be finished in March or April. My stylist finally came back and I am so thrilled!

Pink Clover Jamila Button Back Brushed Knit top– $44.00- I wasn’t too sure of this top at first because of the elbow patch, but it is sooooooooooooooo soft! (KEPT)

Love Ellie Mia Back Detail Pullover– $44.00- At first peek on the app I was like ehhhhhhhhhh I don’t think so but decided I love it. I even ordered an orange one (KEPT)

PaperMoon Holden Cutout Detail Blouse– $44.00- This shirt was a little snug on me and I really think I have a similar print in my closet (RETURNED)

Pink Clover Whitley V Neck Knit Top– $38.00- This top was alright but I prefer the other 2 tops I chose to kept (RETURNED)

LiverPool Kay Skinny Colored Jean- $88.00- I REALLY wanted to keep these pants but I didn’t want to pay the price for these plus the other 2 tops (RETURNED)

She did a great job with fall picks! Onward to my most recent fix that I just received yesterday!

Stitch Fix #52 August/Sept 2020

Hello Darlings! I hope you are all doing well! Hurricane Laura rocked our town in Louisiana last month August 27, 2020. A lot of people including myself have lost our homes. It’s a deveasting time for our city but we will rebuild. This fix shipped the day before the hurricane came and it arrived Sept 12. I had kristen again but I found out my girl Kirsten is back! Similar names and spellings gets me all mixed up! My next fix is in Oct since I had to push it back because of Laura. I asked for The Bold Type tv show theme box. Bold type is a show on freeform about 3 girls in the fashion world. Let’s jump right into it!

Toad & Co Inga Knit Dress– My stylist was thinking of Jane from the bold type when she picked this piece. I could see Jane in it, but not me. I did not like the print on the dress, the color wasn’t bad. It looked a little frumpy on me and I wasn’t willing to pay $78 for a dress I would rarely wear. However, it did have pockets! (RETURNED)

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Borsala Boatneck Knit Top– *sighs* Although this top was super super super soft, the price point was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to expensive. At $128 for a plain top I think not! I wish it were cheaper! Sutton would def wear this!

LUQ Rhee Tie Front Top– When I first saw this top I was like no way. When I tried it on I decided I loved it! Kristin pictured Kat wearing this top but really all of them could! (KEEP)

41 Hawthorn Isebella Lace Front Blouse– She picked this piece for me but like I have said in previous posts….I DON’T LIKE BELL SLEEVES! I felt like I was in the disco age! Reminded her of Sutton’s style (RETURNED)

Boom Boom Jeans Margery Printed Wide Leg Pant– When I first saw these in my peek I said NO WAY!!! WIDE LEG PANTS HELL TO THE NO! So tell me why when I tried them on I liked them?! She pictured Kat in these and I think in one of the eps she did wear wide legged pants! (ON THE FENCE BUT LEANING TOWARDS A KEEP)

I also got 3 extras (3 bralettes) I don’t know if I am keeping any. I had gotten one in my trunk club and kept it but now I’m thinking it may be too small.

My next fix won’t be till Oct 15 like mentioned above, and it will be time for FALL PIECES!!!! I think Stitch Fix and Trunk Club do a wayyyyyyyyyy better job in the fall/winter months! I am so glad Kirsten will be styling me again! It’s so weird I had Kristen for my last few boxes! She did an excellent job while my Kirsten was away. The first 3 fixes when she left was styled by 3 different stylists.

Pray for Louisiana and everything we have to deal with. If you would like to donate to my hubs and I destroyed house fund please paypal me at ashleyrenemsw@gmail.

I put Nadine West on hold for 8 weeks. More like 4-5 weeks now. A lot of people here are still without power and a lot of places are still shut down. I can’t even return my fix yet. Oh yeah and I have a fashom that shipped at the beginning of august and I got maybe a week ago.

Stay Classy and Chic!