Stitch Fix #20- November 2018

Hey darlings,  I been slacking putting up this review and my next fix arrives today. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  Let’s jump right into this!

So there you have it! I ended up only keeping the pink clover yellow pullover. It’s funny in my style profile I put yellow as to never send me, but i love this top.

The vest was to tight, the red pocket shirt i felt like i have a lot of stripped tops, the blouse was kind of tight around the waist and not long enough, and the side button top was great but only had enough to keep 1 item.

My fix that arrives today i asked for the mode luxe Brooks crossbody bag and skies are blue teal blazer and an Alice Blue shirt. Until later, stay classy and Chic!




Trunk Club #4 October 2018

Hello darlings! My final trunk club of the year arrived a week ago and I kept 3 items! I kept going back and forth about some items. Here we go.


As you can tell I ended up keeping the last 3 items. Everything else was either too expensive or not my style.

I loved the green jacket but it doesn’t get super cold in Louisiana. I loved the pink vest but it was way too small, us big chested girls cant wear a size 4 in vests! It was sold out so I couldn’t get a size 6 😦

The green caslon tie front top is made to be oversized so it’s big on me. The caslon gray top I love love love! And the moon river sweater I went back and forth about it. I initially put it back in my box but re evaluated and decided I like it.

Side story, today I actually purchased a top from Nordstrom that a fellow you tuber got in her trunk. It should arrive before Thanksgiving. screenshot_20181108-102607_chrome

So there you have it! My stitch fix should be arriving next week! Until then, stay classy and chic!

Stitch Fix #19- October part 2

Hello darlings, it’s time for another stitch fixxxxxxxx!!!! This time around I asked for more fall pieces and gray booties.  I told her no Jeans and no button down shirts ever! Let’s dive right into it.


I ended up keeping the cargo jacket and  pink clover gray top. No booties in my size, because they are in high demand right now, no surprise!!!

Orginally this box was going to be a 4/5 I was just going to return the flats because size 7 is too big for me.

The shoes were stained looking to me inside like someone had worn them with sweaty feet. I dont mind the hair but when it looks like something was worn especially a shoe than that’s a no for me.

The purple top oh that purple top by Lety and me. It looks fabulous on (dont wear a color bra with it). I wanted you guys to see the detail of the shirt up close. One of the straps looks like its coming apart. After careful consideration I decided to return it instead of exchange for another one because of budget.

The 41 hawthorn top was only sent back due to budget. I really liked that top!

The cargo jacket was divine. I’ve never owned one so I’m excited she sent me one and especially in this olive color!

The gray pink clover top is SO FREAKING SOFT!!!!!!!! and it has a pocket!!!

I did contact customer service about the flats and Lety top. I just wanted to make them aware. I dont expect a discount since I didnt keep them.

Next fix is scheduled for Nov 14! Until then stay classy and Chic!

P.S.- I put Nadine west on hold till Jan 2019. I’m getting 1 more trunk club(next week sometimes, I wanted a sweater box with a few other goodies), and 1 more thred up (probably next month or December) this year.


Thred Up box 3

Hello darlings,  I been sitting on this review for a while because I’m lazy! I selected the fall box for this thred up!


I kept the 2nd item which is a cowl neck sweater and the j crew sweater which is the 2nd to last item. I was going to keep the blue vest looking thing but it stunk! Everything else was meh!

Maybe in November or December I’ll try a winter box! I have $20 credit so woot woot.

My nadine west bag is next week. Until later stay classy and chic!

Stitch Fix #18- October 2018 part 1

Update on my trunk club box: I received a $25 credit for the damaged items! And my black shoes shipped off!

Hello darlings, its stitchhhhh fixxxx dayyy!!!! I requested some transition to fall pieces. Did Jacy deliever after last months not so great box??!! Find out below!


5/5 box for me!!! She definitely brought her A game this time! I only have 2 issues.

The cardigan sleeves are long on me (to my finger tips) and it looks oversized, but I love it anyway. Who wants a tight cardigan? Not me!

My least favorite is the pinque pullover and only because you have to wear a tank under, otherwise you see skin and bra.

I’m excited about this box and cant wait for 3 weeks until my next one! Until later, stay classy and chic!

Trunk Club #3 September 2018

Hello Classy Darlings, I decided to try trunk club again and request an engagement photo box. Let’s jump into it!


Well darlings as you can clearly see the blush Athena heels and lucky brand top came damaged.

I have no clue what the hell that black stain is on the top. As for the shoes when I opened the box, all the stuffing was undone, and the loop was damaged like someone hurried to try it on and yanked it to hard.

I sent the pictures to Fallyn my stylist and am waiting to hear what she has to say.  Hopefully I get a discount for them sending me damaged items.

The Gibson and band of gypsies top had gaping near my boob so that’s a no no. I was sad because I really loved the Gibson top.

The 1901 black bow suede shoes were big so I’m asking for an exchange in size and hoping the size 6 will fit. Otherwise I’ll have to return them.

The free people striped top was too big. I looked like I had a maternity shirt on.

The earrings I didnt bother to open.

As for the dresses, Moon river is the only one I kept. The glam was way overpriced and the 19 cooper dress was overpriced as well for a plain black dress.

The other tops were a meh so I’m returning them.

The moon river dress and hopefully black shoes are the only 2 items I am keeping.  I doubt Fallyn packed my items and had no clue as to what happened. I dont understand why they didn’t quality check before packing and shipping out. I hope to hear from her soon to see what can be done. I will update you guys on what the resolution is.

Until later stay classy and chic!

Nadine West #6- Sept 2018

Hello Darlings! I been lazy to post but I receive my Nadine West a little while ago and I’m going to get right to the point.




There ya have it. I only kept the capris bottoms.  This package wasnt that great. They keep sending me see through shirts and the criss cross style in the front! Stop sending me those!!! Hopefully October Nadine is better! Until next time,  Stay classy and chic darlings!!