Stitch Fix #35- September 2019

Hey Darlings!

Fall is just around the corner! Here in Louisiana fall starts in Oct/Nov LOL. I asked for the typical fall transitional pieces. Spoiler alert: I KEPT ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!!! Kirsten is just that good!

The first 3 pieces are my favorite!

The pink clover knit top I was against when I first peeked on my app, but when I got it, It was SO SOFT and I love the buttons on the side! The colors are wayyyyyyyyyyyy better in person!

The Nine Britton dress I loved on first peek! The color and the floral design was a win win.

The Cotton Emporium Cardigan I wasn’t that big of a fan on first peek. When I received it I fell in love with it. It’s a lightweight sweater than I can pair with the Nine Britton dress as Kirsten suggested for an earthy fall look! I need to stop getting cardigans! I already have a bunch of them!

The Papermoon top was in my least favorite pile, but overall it wasn’t bad.

Lastly, the Fun2Fun top was my least favorite. The only reason I kept this and the Papermoon was because of the discount. The box total was $156 with the buy all discount and if I returned the 2 tops it would have been about $135ish. It was only saving 20 bucks! The buy all discount is 25%

Overall I loved this fix! My next Fix is Oct 3. Of course I will be doing the norm and requesting more fall pieces. There are 2 pieces I saw on a stitch fix facebook group page that I may request!

Also I requested a Fall Trunk Club Box and to try and keep each piece under $90. Trunk Club is just so damn expensive. To keep a whole box could be $700!!!!!!!!! That’s a house and car payment combined!

Until then, Stay Classy and Chic


Stitch Fix #34- August part 2

Hello again darlings! This fix I asked Kirsten to surprise me. This is my 11th Box with Kirsten. I am so excited she is with me for my Fall box (which I will be requesting next fix) Here we go!

The Beacon navy knit top was a plain top and wasn’t worth the price so I returned it.

The Serein top was an ugly cream color, looked maw maw-ish, was too pricey and last but mostly importantly IT WAS SHEER!!!!!!!!! Ya’ll know how I am about sheer tops!

Seesoo stripped dolan- It made my eyes dizzy so Return it goes!

Now the last two items the Verse Dress and Dictionary pants. These were the 2 contenders. Both items were kind of snug. The dress was $58 and pants were $50. I kept the pants only because I love the color and its cropped. The only 2 issues with them is 1. they are snug but I don’t want to size up. I am trying to work on my weight. 2 the closure are 2 clasps. Not a big fan of that closure but we will work on it. The dress I figured I wasn’t going to get another wear out of and decided to return it.

I have so many stitch fix tops I really need to go through all my clothing from them and donate or give away some. It’s so hard to decide what to give away because when you do your like where’s that one top i like?! Oh i gave it away!!!

I may move my next box up so I can get a jump on the transition to fall!

Until later, stay classy and Chic!

Stitch Fix #33- August part 1

Happy Late August Darlings!!! I am just now posting my early august fix and my most recent one. I can’t believe it’s almost September and with that the start of FALL!! Crisp leaves, cool weather (down here in the south we won’t feel a real fall till maybe almost winter). Let’s jump right into it.

I requested the Kaileigh top since everyone said it was a great top. I was hoping I would get a different color than Black and I did 🙂 I kept this top!

I did ask for shorts at a reasonable price but these just weren’t for me.

The Pleione blue blouse was a beautiful color but again not for me.

Fun2Fun top I kept because it was longer in the back. Well after wearing it, and just as I thought the buttons like to pop open since my boobs are big. I flashed some old couple in Baton Rouge at the LSU vet school. I hope they didn’t see. Plus it proceeded to come open another 2 times while we were there but not in front of anyone!

The dolman top…I didn’t want a dolman but this one wasn’t bad. However, I returned it.

All in all this fix was a 2/5.

On to the next fix!

Fix #32- July Part 2

Hello again Darlings! This fix i actually moved up! Let’s jump into it.

Screenshot_20190715-134423_Stitch FixScreenshot_20190715-134428_Stitch FixScreenshot_20190715-134434_Stitch FixScreenshot_20190715-134438_Stitch FixScreenshot_20190715-134444_Stitch Fix Again this was a tough fix but the kimono was an easy elimination because it just fit wonky! The shorts omg was a tough one but decided to return it because of price. The dress made me look fat and pregnant. I actually requested the nine britton knot top but wanted it in navy. Kristin said they didn’t have navy in my size. The olive color is actually a pretty color. I kept the nine britton and mason and belle top. Plot twist thanks to the different color swabs I found the nine britton top in navy and in my size! I immediately ordered it and am wearing it as i type this post!

So this was a 2/5 box. Like i stated in the last post my next fix is arriving tomorrow or Monday. I did a peek on the app and saw the top i requested and in a color I wanted! They didn’t have the sandals I requested so no sandals were sent. Until later, Stay Classy and Chic!

Fix #31- July 2019 Part 1

Hello Darlings! Been lacking on the updates because my 33rd fix is due to arrive tomorrow or Monday. Let’s get into it.

Screenshot_20190628-171557_Stitch FixScreenshot_20190628-171536_Stitch FixScreenshot_20190628-171543_Stitch FixScreenshot_20190628-171548_Stitch FixScreenshot_20190628-171553_Stitch FixI keep the blazer. It was a TOUGH choice because along with the blazer I was a fan of the johnpaulrichard blue top and the white shorts! If i could I would have kept all 3 but each month I need to rationally think about my choices. The blazer won because I thought the design was unique. I think I did ask for the shirt again if they had it for next fix but they didn’t. One more note the dress looked like a grandma design! On to my next update!

Stitch Fix #30- June 2019

Hey Darlings! This is my current fix! My next Fix is July 3! Lately I been getting my fix 2 days before it’s due 🙂

This box i KEPT IT ALL! Kirsten did a fantastic job.

Screenshot_20190607-103240_Stitch FixScreenshot_20190607-103233_Stitch FixScreenshot_20190607-103228_Stitch FixScreenshot_20190607-103222_Stitch FixScreenshot_20190607-103215_Stitch Fix


I have been on the search for a good romper for a while. This one was to my liking except the small ass elastic hole for the button, otherwise it was perfect. When i bend down you don’t see my butt! The elephant tank I requested! The K&C tank has a slit in the back but it doesn’t show my bra! The other tops I liked! Overall Great box!

I recently requested a wedding Trunk Club box and kept nothing. The 1 dress I liked was too expensive.

I also just received a 2nd Trunk Club inspired by Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl. I kept a blazer but the yellow dress I really liked did not fit (big boob problems, gaping holes)

Until Later, Stay Classy and Chic!!