Stitch Fix #54- November 2020 Part 1?

Hello Darlings, I haven’t had wifi since August 27th and so besides being lazy that’s another reason why I haven’t updated. They are suppose to come this friday but who knows! I also got a Trunk Club and Nadine west but I don’t really post those so much recently. Maybe when I get my home back I will update with different clothing boxes. I am thinking of requesting a fall fashom. Let’s jump into Kirsten’s picks! I asked for 2 dress options for our christmas work dinner next month and the others to be fall items.

Vince Camuto Antony Two Pocket Waffle Stitch Pullover– $88.00- When I peeked and saw this price I was like WHATTTTTTTTT?!!! The top is really soft and would go great with leggins but this price……..(RETURNED)

Wisp Ceena Jersey Dress– $74.00- UGH I love the colors and print of this dress BUT the price…Would I reach for this dress a lot? (UNDECIDED)

Hailey Charlotte Faux Wrap Knit Dress– $54.00- When I peeked I did NOT like the print. When I received it and tried it on I LOVED it! It’s basically very similar to the wrap dress I received last year as an option for my christmas party. (KEPT)

Fortune + Ivy Kaavia Button Detail Brushed Knit Top– $40.00- When I peeked I knew I would keep this…..Well when I received it that button detail yeah I don’t know how it goes. I’m like a shirt that gives me this much trouble is not worth keeping. It doesn’t lay flat like in the picture. (RETURNED)

Pink Clover Kalonice Button Cuff Sleeve Knit Top– $38.00- I like the color of this top and the sleeve cuff is button but other than that, it is a pretty plain top… I don’t know (UNDECIDED)

I just got this box yesterday so I am still deciding what I want to keep. If I can remember I will update next post what else I decided to keep.

I think I will go ahead and order a fall fashom. My next nadine should be in a couple weeks. My next Trunk Club is between Jan 1 and Jan 7, 2021.

Until another day, stay classy and Chic!

Stitch Fix #53- October 2020

Hello Darlings! As usual, I am updating late because I was busy and lazy (mostly Lazy LOL). We are still dealing with the after math of Hurricane Laura and Delta. We are finally beginning to see some sense of normalcy but it’s still ugh! I am hoping we can start rebuilding our home this month and be finished in March or April. My stylist finally came back and I am so thrilled!

Pink Clover Jamila Button Back Brushed Knit top– $44.00- I wasn’t too sure of this top at first because of the elbow patch, but it is sooooooooooooooo soft! (KEPT)

Love Ellie Mia Back Detail Pullover– $44.00- At first peek on the app I was like ehhhhhhhhhh I don’t think so but decided I love it. I even ordered an orange one (KEPT)

PaperMoon Holden Cutout Detail Blouse– $44.00- This shirt was a little snug on me and I really think I have a similar print in my closet (RETURNED)

Pink Clover Whitley V Neck Knit Top– $38.00- This top was alright but I prefer the other 2 tops I chose to kept (RETURNED)

LiverPool Kay Skinny Colored Jean- $88.00- I REALLY wanted to keep these pants but I didn’t want to pay the price for these plus the other 2 tops (RETURNED)

She did a great job with fall picks! Onward to my most recent fix that I just received yesterday!

Stitch Fix #52 August/Sept 2020

Hello Darlings! I hope you are all doing well! Hurricane Laura rocked our town in Louisiana last month August 27, 2020. A lot of people including myself have lost our homes. It’s a deveasting time for our city but we will rebuild. This fix shipped the day before the hurricane came and it arrived Sept 12. I had kristen again but I found out my girl Kirsten is back! Similar names and spellings gets me all mixed up! My next fix is in Oct since I had to push it back because of Laura. I asked for The Bold Type tv show theme box. Bold type is a show on freeform about 3 girls in the fashion world. Let’s jump right into it!

Toad & Co Inga Knit Dress– My stylist was thinking of Jane from the bold type when she picked this piece. I could see Jane in it, but not me. I did not like the print on the dress, the color wasn’t bad. It looked a little frumpy on me and I wasn’t willing to pay $78 for a dress I would rarely wear. However, it did have pockets! (RETURNED)

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Borsala Boatneck Knit Top– *sighs* Although this top was super super super soft, the price point was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to expensive. At $128 for a plain top I think not! I wish it were cheaper! Sutton would def wear this!

LUQ Rhee Tie Front Top– When I first saw this top I was like no way. When I tried it on I decided I loved it! Kristin pictured Kat wearing this top but really all of them could! (KEEP)

41 Hawthorn Isebella Lace Front Blouse– She picked this piece for me but like I have said in previous posts….I DON’T LIKE BELL SLEEVES! I felt like I was in the disco age! Reminded her of Sutton’s style (RETURNED)

Boom Boom Jeans Margery Printed Wide Leg Pant– When I first saw these in my peek I said NO WAY!!! WIDE LEG PANTS HELL TO THE NO! So tell me why when I tried them on I liked them?! She pictured Kat in these and I think in one of the eps she did wear wide legged pants! (ON THE FENCE BUT LEANING TOWARDS A KEEP)

I also got 3 extras (3 bralettes) I don’t know if I am keeping any. I had gotten one in my trunk club and kept it but now I’m thinking it may be too small.

My next fix won’t be till Oct 15 like mentioned above, and it will be time for FALL PIECES!!!! I think Stitch Fix and Trunk Club do a wayyyyyyyyyy better job in the fall/winter months! I am so glad Kirsten will be styling me again! It’s so weird I had Kristen for my last few boxes! She did an excellent job while my Kirsten was away. The first 3 fixes when she left was styled by 3 different stylists.

Pray for Louisiana and everything we have to deal with. If you would like to donate to my hubs and I destroyed house fund please paypal me at ashleyrenemsw@gmail.

I put Nadine West on hold for 8 weeks. More like 4-5 weeks now. A lot of people here are still without power and a lot of places are still shut down. I can’t even return my fix yet. Oh yeah and I have a fashom that shipped at the beginning of august and I got maybe a week ago.

Stay Classy and Chic!

Thred Up August 2020

Hello Darlings! My last thred up box was in Jan 2019! So long ago! I decided to give them another try. Let’s just say I wasn’t impressed.

Gap and Merona Shorts– The fit was the issue with all 3 of these. They were snug. Sometimes I think these are junior sizes but maybe I’m just fat and need size 20 LOL!!!

J-Crew and Ann Taylor Dresses– The Ann dress was different from what I usually would wear. It was sort of unique but I ended up sending it back. The J-crew dress….my oh my! the prints were awful and the fit I would need a size 20 once again!

Kate Spade Clutch– Expensive and too small for me!

Ann Taylor/41 Hawthorn sleeves/white house black market tops– Ann Taylor I ended up keeping because I didn’t want to lose my $10 styling credit, and I really liked the fit of it. 41 Hawthorn was too pricey for me this round. Lastly, white house top was not my style as in see through!!!

This was basically an end of summer box for me. I think I will give them another try in fall. I might do 1 box each season to see what they got for me. I had thought about doing that before, but just didn’t. I’ll think on that.

Well my fashom box is M.I.A and fashom is acting like everything is fine. I will give them till next week sometimes and tell them this is ridiculous and the box is probably lost.

My next stitch fix should be around August 28th, Trunk Club is between Oct 6th and Oct 12th, Nadine is sometime in September, and Thred up I will try again in October or November.

There you have it! 4 clothing boxes! Fashom will be updated whenever and if I get it!

Stay Classy, Safe, and Chic!

Nadine West August 2020

oh nadine west, oh nadine west. You just keep getting worse every month to meeeeeeeee!

I returned everything this month………

Yuri Top– I really wish they would have sent me the white one like in the picture. The black one was okay it was a little snug on the hips.

Enrica top– *sighs* I REALLY liked this top but at basically 40 bucks I thought it was too pricey.

Maressa Top– I felt it wasn’t the right style for me. Not a top I would grab for first.

Rheta Top– Love the color, but again I wouldn’t grab for it first.

Maika/Bella Skinny/Kyrie Skinny bottoms– I didn’t even try any of these on. I already knew they were definitely not my style.

Esmeraude Dress– *another sigh* I liked this dress but it was too long on me.

Kaia Dress– No just No!

I was really disappointed in this month’s selection. I am hoping next month they start sending fall clothes!

See you tomorrow for Thred up! Stay classy and chic!

P.S- Where the hell is my fashom?! it’s been shipped 2 weeks ago!

Trunk Club August 2020

Ya’ll saw I just jumped in without an introduction! Yes I did!

oh my, oh my, oh my!!!! where do I start??!! I still believe it’s DUMB that trunk club lets us have access to all the stylist, and we can’t have our one on one stylist like we use to.

This trunk was a complete bust except for 1 item which was the Free People Intimately FP Adella Longeline Bralette. I have never been a fan of bralettes but turns out I like them! In my next stitch fix they included these as an option in extra’s so I requested 3 in my box but a size up from what I own now just to see.

Madewell gathered tank top, High Rise Shorts, and button front crop skinny Jeans!- I had issues with the fit in all 3 of these. The white top was definitely a no no when I previewed it. I was like this isn’t the 1600’s. As far as the jeans go I have never been a fan of the 4 buttons. What if I gotta pee so bad I end up peeing myself because I have 3 extra buttons to undo?! The shorts were a tad snug and overpriced.

Halogen black V neck tee/ Scallop detail cami– I wasn’t in need of a basic black shirt at the moment. The Scallop tank was snug on my hips so back it went.

Tinsel shorts/Chelsea 28 sleeveless top– The shorts were a bit big and I was in no need of linen shorts in this 4756435643564395 degree weather! The chelsea top I wasn’t in need of at the moment.

I feel like their fall and winter boxes are way better, but because of the changes with the stylists *sighs* I’m now not so sure. My next box I scheduled for October (FALL SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Stay Tuned tomorrow for Nadine West! Stay Classy, and Chic

Stitch Fix #51- August 2020

Hello Darlings! As promised here is my August Stitch Fix! As usual I asked for more summery Items. I have Kristin again as my stylist. I left a note saying if my original stylist is back for my next box that I would LOVE having her back. Let’s jump right into it!

Daniel Rainn Rayli Split Neck Cap Sleeve Textured Knit top– $54.00- The material for this top was kind of thick but oh so soft. With the weather being 10,000 degrees I don’t see much need for a thick material top even though it’s sleeveless! (RETURNED)

Kaileigh Arnett Faux Wrap Knit Dress– $54.00- When I peeked I KNEW I would like this dress! I was RIGHT! I love the print and of course with it being a wrap dress it’s a win! (KEPT)

Kaileigh Valette Cold Shoulder Blouse– $38.00- *sighs* If only the stylist would have looked at what I already brought she would have seen that I already own this top in a different color and print. (RETURNED)

West Kei Ada Ruffle Sleeve Blouse– $38.00- When I peeked the first thing I thought about this top was OLD LADY!!!!! AND RUFFLE SLEEVES!!!! I hate both! (RETURNED!!!!!!)

Level 99 Cindie Linen Short– $78.00- I love the color but the price is way to expensive! I wasn’t willing to spend 78 bucks on a pair of shorts! (RETURNED)

Overall this fix wasn’t too shabby but it could have been way better! For my next fix the only thing I left for my stylist note was a “summer surprise box”. I want to see what she will choose without any notes from me!

Tomorrow will be Trunk club! Until then, Stay Classy and Chic!

5 Clothing boxes, Oh My!

Hello My darlings!

I wanted to quickly jump on here and let ya’ll know I will be doing daily posts this week. Well Monday to Thursday. Below is the schedule!

Monday- Stitch Fix (August 2020 Fix) (Arrived August 11th)

Tuesday- Trunk Club (August 2020) (Arrived August 8th)

Wednesday- Thred up (August 2020) (Arrived August 8th)

Thursday- Nadine West (August 2020) (Arrived August 14th)

Unknown- Fashom (August 2020)

I usually only post my stitch fix and randomly some of the others here and there.

As you can see this month I got 5 boxes . As for Fashom it’s taking soooooooooooooooooo long to arrive. The tracking keeps saying arriving late.

It was shipped on August 6th and August 10th was the last update saying “In transit, arriving late”. I even emailed fashom and they said they were keeping tabs on the tracking.

If I don’t receive it this week than to me it’s considered lost, and if that’s the case they better prepare me a new box WITHOUT the styling fee since I already paid it!

Have a great night and see ya’ll tomorrow evening with a stitch fix post!

Stay classy and Chic!

Stitch Fix #50- July 2020

Hello Darlings! THIS IS MY 50TH BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am half way to box 100! I asked for a Lucy Hale themed boxed (which I mentioned my last Trunk Club was suppose to be this) I also mentioned that I let stitch fix decide if I kept my current stylist (Kristina) or they could assign me another. Well they assigned me another and her name is THE SAME as my old stylist but spelled different. I miss my old stylist Kirsten. This one is Kristin. She actually did a good job. By the way I received this fix today so I am actually blogging same day of fix! This time around my box shipped from GA. I miss the Dallas, TX location because my box would get to me faster since I am in Louisiana. Let’s dive into it.

Just USA Willa Distressed Fray Hem Denim Shorts– $44.00- I’m always looking for a good pair of shorts. These weren’t bad but there were some other items that I liked more. The length also could have been a little longer. I wonder if I should ask for longer length or high waisted ones?! (RETURNED)

Pink Clover Tacita Back Detail Knit Top– $34.00- When I peeked I wasn’t too sure about this tank (I love how they called this a “top” when it’s clearly a tank). I provided a picture of the back. While it is a cool top (back detail was on point) I just didn’t think I would wear this often. (RETURNED)

West Kei Claiden Off The Shoulder Blouse– $42.00- *sighs* I HATE off the shoulder tops. (RETURNED!!!!!!!)

Kaileigh Valette Back Detail Knit Tank Top- $36.00- I LOVE the brand Kaileigh! This is so a cold shoulder tank and I loved it when I peeked. I already knew I was going to keep it! Of course I can’t wear a strap bra with it so strapless it is (or I can be tacky and let my bra straps show LOL). (KEPT!!!!!!)

Fortune + Ivy Irene Faux Wrap Brushed Knit Maxi Dress– $54.00- I wasn’t too sure of this dress when I peeked because it said “Maxi”, for short people like me that’s always an issue. Will it be too long on me?! No not this one! the front length is short while the back is longer, but it doesn’t touch the floor. My Friend has this dress in black and she loves it and I do as well. (KEPT)

Overall this had a Lucy Hale Vibe. This one was way better than Trunk Club for sure. I am going to keep this new stylist until my lovely girl returns!

I plan on getting one more summer trunk club box next month. Nordstorm has their yearly sale starting August 19th. I’m pretty sure anyone that schedules a box around that will get leftovers or not as good a selection since everyone will be buying stuff. My box is scheduled for the week BEFORE the sale. I am hoping to get a better box this time. Below is my note to the team stylists.

-Jul 20th-This will probably be my last summer box. Again I like the following brands in no particular order except the 1st one: madewell is definitely number 1, caslon, leith, topshop, treasure and bond, moon river, band of gypsies, halogen. Since it’s still really hot here I could use some shorts, short sleeve tops (maybe add a cold shoulder top), tank tops, some cute dresses (maybe one with a v neck dip) (not maxi, they tend to be long on me) (also none with the elastic waistband, I hate those!) And again please try to keep each piece under $100

Haley– July 21st-1:00 pm-Hi Ashley, thanks for your feedback! We’ll be sure to include some great pieces for you from those brands in your upcoming trunk!

Fingers Crossed that I actually get a GREAT summer box. I prefer their fall/winter boxes because their inventory of sweaters and jackets I love!

Anyway, my next stitch fix is estimated for August 7th. So until then stay classy, chic and safe! Check out a bonus below!

If you ever wanted to try stitch Fix NOW IS THE TIME! you get $100 off your box! Click my link to take advantage of this. If you don’t like stitch fix after your first box you don’t have to get another box.


Get $100, give $100

Earn even more credit when you invite friends to try Stitch Fix. Hurry, limited time only.

Trunk Club July 2020

Hello my darlings! I hope you all continue being healthy and classy! I decided to quickly jump on here and put a bonus clothing box post. It actually ties into my stitch fix theme that was SUPPOSE to arrive today, but instead was just shipped today from GA. So far in 2020 I have done 3 Trunk Club boxes (April, June and this one). For this and stitch fix I wanted a summer inspired Lucy Hale box. She is an actress from the TV shows pretty little liars/katy keene, and others along with movies. Let’s jump right into it.

Topshop Plaid Pleated Miniskirt– $55- When I first saw this skirt online I didn’t like it one bit. My feelings changed when I received and tried it on. I REALLY debated about this one. I even texted 3 of my friends to ask their opinion. Once I told them the price they said it was too expensive which I agreed. (Returned)

Topshop California Snake Graphic Tee– $20- OMG THIS TEE! First of all when I pulled it out the package I was like is this a kid size small?!!! It looked so tiny. When I tried it on it was literally a CROP TOP! I had to send my husband a picture of this because it was to funny not too! The only upside was my boobs looked HUGE in it. (RETURNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Leith Floral Strappy Midi Dress– $69- The stylist said this dress was Lucy Hale inspired by one of her red carpet looks. HA! First of all the material felt cheap. Second and most importantly of all the thigh slit went wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to high. I read reviews about this issue and I wanted to see for myself and it was all true! (RETURNED!!!!!!!!)

Halogen Short Sleeve Crewneck Tee– $29- This was a plain Green Tee. Not worth the price. (Returned)

Nordstrom Pave Bar Pendant necklace– $39- Small necklace and I wasn’t in need of one. (Returned)

Free People Feel For Ya Halter Tank– $38- Nope! (Returned)

Madewell Slim Wide Leg Crop Jeans– $128- ($57.60)- 55% off- Not a fan of wide leg pants. I felt like I was in the 70’s (Returned)

Articles of Society Sarah Ripped Jeggins– $64- The only thing I didn’t like about these jeans was the price. (Returned)

All in Favor Perfect Henley Tunic– $42- ($18.68)- 55.52% off- I loved the color and overall fit of this top. (Kept)

Trunk Club charges a $25 styling fee that goes towards your purchase. I did not want to lose this fee so I paid nothing extra for this box 🙂

A twist to this box was I was suppose to receive another dress and they sent a pair of Vince white pants instead. I emailed customer service and was crossing my fingers that they would give me some credit towards my next box for their mistake. BOY WAS I WRONG! Below is the reply I got from them:

Hi Ashley,

This is Kimberly with Trunk Club Customer Care. I was sorry to hear that you received white Vince pants in place of the Treasure & Bond V-Neck Long Sleeve Shift Minidress in your current trunk. I sincerely apologize, as I can imagine you were excited to try on the dress.

I have made a note for our Returns Team that the dress is missing from your order to ensure you will not be charged. If you are still interested in this item, we can always look into packing this piece or a similar option in a future trunk. 

Please let me know if you have any questions and have a great day!



I miss my old stylist Fallyn. I don’t like how we have access to all the stylist and we get a different stylist each box. To me this box was NOT a Lucy Hale inspired box but at least I had some summer pieces, and I didn’t have to pay anything extra like I mentioned above!

Next week sometime I should be writing my stitch fix review. Now i’m off to watch 2 stitch fix unboxings on you tube from some ladies I follow. Below are the You Tube channels. Stay Classy and Chic!