Stitch Fix #27- April 2019

Hey Darlings,

I am actually updating on time this round. Let’s jump right into it. I just received this box an hour ago!




Screenshot_20190409-152826_Stitch Fix.jpg



Screenshot_20190409-152809_Stitch Fix.jpg


Screenshot_20190409-152800_Stitch Fix.jpg


Screenshot_20190409-152753_Stitch Fix.jpg

20190410_191655 (1).jpg


Screenshot_20190409-152814_Stitch Fix.jpg




I am on my desktop computer so the uploading is so much better!

I really loved the Loveappella dress but 2 things were an issue. The price which was $78 and most importantly it had an elastic waistband! I HATE elastic WB on dresses they are so annoying. Otherwise I may have gotten it. I was afraid of a maxi since i’m only 5’3 but it was fine.

Verdict: Returned

The Market and Spruce pink top, well i am not paying $44 for a plain pink top even though the color was on point, it was also a little see through.

Verdict: Returned

The Magnolia Grace white top…see through that is all. The detail was nice though!

Verdict Returned

The Market and Spruce floral top. LOVED!

Verdict- Kept

The shorts…I really wanted to like these but they were kind of tight and going on a cruise my lady bits would sweat in them.

Verdict- Return (Fat me LOL)

Overall Kirsten did a great job! I only kept 1 item but that’s okay. I have 1 more Fix before my wedding (May 18 is the wedding) and 2 more before my cruise (may 26 is sailing date). I requested a French Grey Cropped Jumpsuit which she could not find.

Stay Classy and Chic!!!!!!!!!


Stitch Fix #26- March 2019

Here is my 2nd lagging updating! Spoiler I only kept the loveappella floral top.

The black dress and black top were to plain. I’m so over the off the shoulder top fad and the tie shirt I saw online and loved but dont like in person! Stay classy and chic

Stitch fix #25- February 2019 part 2

As usual darlings I been lacking way behind on updating. My next box arrives today and I’m posting the 2nd box from February! Spoiler!!!! I kept the french grey red floral dress as a coverup for the cruise, the emory park kimono and the black floral kaileigh blouse!

As usual nothing is posting in order and it wont upload the style cards for these, so sorry. Stay classy and chic!

Stitch Fix #24- Feb 2019 Part 1

Hello Darlings! I hope you have all been doing well. Let’s see I received another new stylist for this fix. I decided to email Customer Service again (on a saturday) and he replied quickly. He told me that my regular stylist had left the company. I decided to keep the stylist that styled me for this fix because she did a great job! Spoiler:I kept 2 blouses from this fix! She paid attention and gave me a blouse or something similar fix! Here we go!

I kept the blue floral top and the red feathers top! I really wanted to keep the alice blue top but they didn’t have a bigger size for me to exchange! For the next few boxes I am requesting cruise wear items. It will be interesting to see how this new stylist (kirsten) styles me! I am excited! My next box should arrive Feb 27th! This Box arrived Feb 8th! It was 2 days late but oh well! Until later, Stay classy and Chic!

Stitch Fix #23- Jan 2019

Happy New years my darlings! I hope you all had a great holiday season.  I recently got a thred up and nadine west. I kept 1 item from thred up and zero from nadine. I received my stitch fix yesterday. I was assigned a different stylist because mine was unavailable.  Let’s dive right into it!


As usual this site acts up and I’m missing the dolman front view of the top and the pink clover blue top but you can see it in the card previews.

I ended up keeping the purple peasant top and the blu pepper floral blouse.

All the other tops I loved esp the pink clover hem pullover but had to return the other 3 items due to budget.

I did ask for an all blouse fix and only received 1. That’s what I get for not having my regular stylist.

My next fix is Feb 6th! I requested another all blouse fix.

Until later, stay classy and chic!


Stitch Fix #22- December 2018 part 2

Hello darlings, I always tend to post my last fix the week of my current fix.  I’m so lagging! With work and wedding planning I’m insane right now haha. Let’s dive right into it.20181227_18341920181227_183405Screenshot_20181226-084032_Stitch-Fix20181227_183734Screenshot_20181226-084038_Stitch-Fix20181227_18384420181227_183903Screenshot_20181226-084056_Stitch-Fix20181227_18422220181227_184227Screenshot_20181226-084042_Stitch-Fix20181227_18405820181227_184053Screenshot_20181226-084102_Stitch-Fix

I kept the gray elbow patch shirt and the green cardigan.

Posting on this site from my phone is aggravating because either I cant find my pics like me with the cardigan or it likes to not post.

The blazer was too pricey and kinda tight.

The blush lace top I didnt care for.

The back lace shirt I didnt know how that would hold up in the washer.

My first fix of the new year I requested an all blouse fix. Let’s see if she delivers.  Until later, stay classy and chic!

Stitch Fix #21- December 2018 part 1

Hey darlings, I hope you all had a merry christmas! This fix was from my dec 5 box. I been lagging behind again updating. My next box arrives today. Let’s jump into it.

My phone did not want to cooperate with me to post this so sorry that everything is out of order. Plus I’m missing one style card. Anyway, I ended up keeping the purse because I requested it twice and the elbow patch shirt.

The blazer was too tight and expensive. The cardigan I have a bunch of and the stripe top I always get something like this. Until next time stay classy and chic!